Giving Back Campaigns

Giving Back Campaigns

The Giving Back Campaign for Make-A-Wish 2014 begins August 1st.   Let’s see if a Par Mar Store can be the top retailer in West Virginia again this year.  The power of a wish!  One star at a time!

Another successful year for the West Virginia Children’s Home Society!  Par Mar Stores raised over $11,300.00!  We thank our wonderful customers and the Par Mar team for their efforts!

Par Mar Store #18     Parkersburg, WV           1st place          $2,840.00

Par Mar Store #37     Huntington, WV             2nd place         $1,546.00

Par Mar Store #24     Fairmont, WV                3rd place          $  842.00

Par Mar Store #45     Huttonsville, WV            4th place          $  777.00

Par Mar Store #35      Fairmont, WV               5th place           $  673.00

Relay for Life 2014 campaign was feet-tastic!  Our “feet” sales raised nearly $3,000 for the American Cancer Society of Ohio and Kentucky.

Draw for Success 2014  is underway!  To show our support of the local schools we partner with a local school to have the children draw what a Par Mar Store means to them.  Each school has a child’s drawing chosen based on specific criteria (spelling, creativity, etc.).  The child whose drawing is chosen will receive an award from Par Mar Stores.

For any questions regarding Draw for Success, please contact Jeralynne at 740.373.7406 x 3009.

Relay for Life-American Cancer Society– Ohio and Kentucky locations are currently selling Relay for Life feet for $1.00 each.  Step on in your local Par Mar Store to purchase a foot today!  Every step counts! 

Children’s Home Society of West Virginia has began!  Every child deserves a home!  We will be selling flowers for the Bring it Home campaign for Mother’s Day for the West Virginia Children’s Home Society until May 11, 2014.  Purchase a flower for $1.00.  Flower power!