Schedule Mandatory Computer Upgrade to Windows 10

  • I am providing an opportunity to schedule the mandatory upgrade. I recommend you take advantage of this and pick a slot with the knowledge that it may not go as expected and you could be without your computer until a replacement can be delivered.
    • i.e: avoid time right before your truck day deliveries or store audit
  • In time for your upgrade, transfer all data off of your Handheld. ┬áPlease clear your handheld of all data and leave it docked so it can be synced with the new version of Windows. Failure to do so may lead to irretrievable data loss.
  • Documents & Settings are kept. The upgrade process is set to maintain all store data and files. I will backup your Documents Folder and the current month “Scans for Store” on the day of your upgrade- as close as I can to the start time.
    • You can always email yourself important documents as a way to back them up.
    • The convenient list of Recent Files may be lost in programs such as Excel and Word.
  • Do not interrupt upgrade. Please make sure no one uses the computer during the upgrade process. The computer will reboot itself several times. I will leave a message on the computer screen once the upgrade is complete. Interfering with the upgrade process may result in system crash. You will lose everything and it will take a while to bring you a new computer.
  • Click on Date to pick your date, and please use your store’s email address

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